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Take the family on a getaway to Snowmass Village, head off to Spain or take a vacation to Thailand. Summer has officially started, and the deals keep coming!

Now, first a brief word about our situation. We are semi-retired and run a Escorted Travel business out of the home. I have stock investments and three grown children, one still in college. We have seen other flights and agreed they are usually not good investments. Typically, they have many restrictions, are over-priced and more often than not offer properties in places you might never visit. For example, they are miles away from the beaches or main towns. Anyway, we did the tour out of morbid curiosity and the fact that it was a Disney resort.

But the largest benefit of self guided biking tours is the expense. The price will ordinarily be about half that of a similar guided tour. In these days of the weak U.S. greenback, that is a large benefit, as some guided bike tours charge upwards of $5,000 for each particular person or even a great deal additional. With self escorted travel you can keep in the same high end lodges, eat the identical good meals, and see the same sights. If an adventurous family vacation experience seems attractive, self guided bike tours are price considering.

While the benefits can be realized by all, certain groups may benefit more so than others, such as seniors, for whom high-impact exercises are no longer viable or enjoyable. Here is a low-impact activity that gets the blood flowing, but that can be done at your pace, on your schedule. Another group for whom do-it-yourself landscaping might be of great benefit is people who are pressed for time. Incorporate landscaping into your routine and you’ve just killed two birds with one stone. You’re adding value to your home and increasing the quality of your life.

Race day in Monaco is best described as LOUD! From the roar of the engines to the cheers of the crowd, your senses are on full alert. That’s the kind of excitement this race generates. Fortunately, Monaco is rich in natural beauty and quiet, out of the way places where your senses can escape – even if only temporarily.

Most escorted tours will have a gala night out on the town the night before departure. If you wish to get gussied up, keep your formal attire to just one outfit. Re-invent yourself with accessories rather than stuffing more than one full length gown into your cases and your tired arms will thank you at customs.

Traveling on an escorted tour can be a way to make solo travel much easier and more enjoyable. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages that should be considered you before you decide to try it out.

White Nights have become a symbol of Trip Advisor as well since 1993 when Valery Gergiev founded the colorful popular Stars of the white nights Festival. Now from June to July there are daily operas, ballets and classical concerts at the Mariinsky presenting Russian and international stars. If you are fond of ballet, opera and music and don’t miss that glorious event.